About Us

 About Amuse Basic in Europe Belgium and United States
Amuse Home
Amuse Home started in the Pacific North West in 2017. Its origin was a thorough rationalization of the manufacturing process with an eye to creating simple, low-cost, good quality products. Specifically, we reexamined products through three lenses: material selection, inspection process and packaging simplification.
Clean Simple Design & Sustainable Production
These attributes can be noticed by our line of products, which are designed with the utmost quality with focus in sustainable sourcing practices and high standard for food safety and hygiene. This includes Plastic ware from Belgium, professional porcelain accessories from Asia, Soy Candle handcrafted in Canada among others.
Belgium Inspiration

This whole idea was inspired by Amuse DBP. A Belgian company established in 1938,  that gives priority to quality through impeccable manufacturing practices, satisfying the relevant safety, hygiene and quality standards.

The company is one of the leading food packaging manufacturers in Europe and currently holds impressive international certificates that proves its compliance towards food safety, environment and social inclusion. These include: SEDEX, ISO 9001 by SGS, BRC Packaging Certificate and BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative).